Birgit Niederhafner

and text
in German

One of the hardest parts about doing business in

Germany is business communication. You know your

communication needs to be culturally aware and

strike the right tone. It has to be perfect.

With Valtrado at your side, you know that every

comma is where it needs to be, and your message is

getting through.




Valtrado is your guide through the three tracks that get you to the perfect text. Entrust me with your message. I’ll make it German, then make it perfect, and then add the linguistic magic that makes it a pleasure to read.

Specialized, for style and confidence

Do you know your “Sie” from your “sie”? Or would you rather use “du”? Should performance be translated or not? And what about expertise and know-how?

Would you rather leave all that to Valtrado? You can. Because I know German and I know your business. With over 10 years of experience.
  • Marketing
  • Medical Technology
  • Human Resources


Whether I’m translating your English material into German, or proofreading and editing your German texts, one thing remains the same: a good text takes time. It’s always a multi-stage process:

First Run

A first run-through of the text to spot any typos and grammatical problems – the obvious stuff – and get a view to where the editing needs to happen. Then, if it needs to be translated, making the bare-bones translation into German.

Next Stage

The next stage is a more thorough reading, that takes much more time. Here I start to get into the nuts and bolts of the language, and may rearrange sentences for power and punch. The result is a polished text.

Third Stage

In the third stage, I get out my magic wand and give your text the pizazz I have honed over my ten years in the text business. What you get here is a text that shines, a text that sings. And where necessary, I get a second pair of eyes from my professional network to go over it again – because four eyes are always better than two.

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