VALTRADO - Birgit Niederhafner

and text
in German

Valtrado puts the final polish on your corporate
communications. With Valtrado at your side, you
know your textual content is always of the highest
caliber: focused, engaging and a pleasure to read.

Whether it’s translating your material for a new market,

copywriting or elevating your existing texts with editing,
Valtrado ensures that you are delivering high-quality text
with the spark, the shine, and the charisma that stands
out – because we know that’s what creates added value for
your customers and your company. And we know how to
achieve it, whether you’re operating regionally, nationally
or internationally.

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Valtrado is your guide through the three tracks that get you to the perfect text. Entrust me with your message. I’ll make it German, then make it perfect, and then add the linguistic magic that makes it a pleasure to read.

Specialized, for style and confidence

Content that exudes confidence is a complex amalgam of  experience, a feel for language, and specialized knowledge. All these aspects in the right measure result in communication with the added value that makes customers choose you.

We know that every industry speaks its own language. Since 2009 we have translated, created and edited thousands of specialized texts. With continuing training our professionals
actively maintain the in-depth knowledge that our clients count on. So you can rest assured that Valtrado speaks your language.

We are specialized in the following fields:

  • Marketing, PR and Communication
  • Medical Technology, Pharma and Beauty
  • Software and IT


Whether you’re starting from a blank page, working a full text into a polished piece, or creating a translation that covers all the bases: a good text takes time. Here’s how Valtrado takes your content from raw material to finished product in three steps:


The first step is all about getting a grip on the underlying source material. Working with the client we define the scope and objective of the assignment, establish the target audience and desired style, and identify any technical or field-specific terminology that will be required.

Working the text

This stage starts with putting text to the empty page. Words are written, read, reviewed, added, deleted, rearranged, translated, corrected, and read again. Throughout all this, we always keep sight of where we’re going: the end goal, your perfect text.


At this stage we’ve got the first version of the final product in hand, and it’s time to make it shine. Using the techniques that we’ve refined over the years, we add the finishing touches that ensure every word is in line with your wishes and reflects the depth and complexity of your business.

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