The three pathways to a perfect text

I work with business clients to produce perfect on-point professional communications. For German clients, this means proofing, editing and content creation. For clients abroad the first step is usually translation into German.

Here, read about what each of these processes involves so we can talk about which one(s) you need.

Two languages, one message: I translate in one direction, from English to my native German, so you know the result will be perfect.

I’m a specialist in corporate communications with over ten years’ experience. Most of my clients are companies in medical tech and life sciences, but I also have a flair for internal and external marketing materials, which I do regularly for businesses in all sectors.


With software solutions and a continuous program of professional development, I make sure you get:

■ Correct terminology

■ Style competence

■ Consistency

■ Quality


I understand that you put your all into the quality of your products and services. Copywriting is not your core business and you’re not entirely happy with the promotional material you’ve got. you might not even have your own marketing department. So why not let me get to know your business and I’ll turn your information into marketing materials that are up to the same standards you set on your products and services?

Editing is what you want.

Give me your information and I’ll put it all together into a seamless marketing text, ironing out the errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation, and terminology in the process. You’ll get a smooth, consistent style that reads well and looks great.

I bet you know the feeling: you’ve been polishing your text for hours. You’ve been focused on it intensely with your full concentration so long, you’re ready to scream. But you can’t stop because it has to be perfect. You look up at it again, but the letters are blurring… you read it over again but your brain is skipping words and you’re not even sure what these sentences mean any more …

That’s where I come in.

It’s time to hand it over to a fresh pair of eyes that can look at your material with genuine curiosity. And because I’m coming to the text from the outside, I’ll see the things you’ve been missing. Here I’m focusing purely on error correction. You’ve got your style down, and my job is just to polish it.




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