About Me

Different language, // same message. // Your English transformed into flawless German.


Hand the writing over to me and go back to focusing on what you do best.

With Valtrado behind you, you have one less thing to worry about because you know a professional who knows your work is putting the finishing touch on your written materials. Perfect written communications smooths out the interactions with your customers, vendors, business partners and your people.

My approach works best when you, the client, know you can count on me. When you know I know your business, respond fast, and step up when you don’t have the answers. When you know that when it’s an emergency, you can call on me to put the fires out. In short, when we have a relationship based on complete trust and confidentiality.




Key aspects

Through continuous professional development and experience since 2009, I have specialized my work to focus on a number of select segments. Here you can see the breakdown of the companies that have entrusted their marketing materials to me:

Medical Technology
Life Sciences


■ Studied linguistics with an English focus and sociology at the University of Konstanz (with Magistra Artium degree) with studies abroad in Ireland and Latvia


■ Internships in market research (TNS Infratest) and public relations (German Embassy Riga)


■ Continuing education in the fields of translation, copywriting, proofreading, medical technology, life science (check the “News” tab for more)


■ Attendance of conferences (see “News” for the latest)


■ Voluntary work in the field of marketing, public relations and international affairs for the Wirtschaftsjunioren Konstanz-Hegau e. V. (member of JCI)


■ 2017 to 2020 Member of the Board of Directors of Wirtschaftsjunioren Konstanz-Hegau e. V., 2019 as 1. Chairwoman


■ 2020 Member of the Management Board of Wirtschaftsjunioren Baden-Württemberg e. V.


■ Since 2019 member of the voters’ association, Junges Forum Konstanz e. V.

Hear From Our Clients

Mail me and I will call you back immediately.