The quickest way to get you the perfect, error-free text that you have in mind is by sending me an e-mail. When I get your message I’ll start working on a quote tailored to your needs and the text you need translated or edited.



Birgit Niederhafner
Zollernstraße 2
78462 Constance


+49 7531 9764992

For the best result, here’s what I need from you:

Ideally the actual, complete text you need edited, proofread or translated (or otherwise, a few exerpts or samples).
■ The time frame in which you need the finished text
■ The total word count

I will get you a quote for your text within one business day, usually less. Then, as soon as you approve it, I get started!What you can expect from me: punctuality, reliability, and a product that will say exactly what it needs to say to put your company in the best light.


Whether I’m translating your English material into German, or proofreading and editing your German texts, one thing remains the same: a good text takes time. It’s always a multi-stage process:

First Run

A first run-through of the text to spot any typos and grammatical problems – the obvious stuff – and get a view to where the editing needs to happen. Then, if it needs to be translated, making the bare-bones translation into German.

Next Stage

The next stage is a more thorough reading, that takes much more time. Here I start to get into the nuts and bolts of the language, and may rearrange sentences for power and punch. The result is a polished text.

Third Stage

In the third stage, I get out my magic wand and give your text the pizazz I have honed over my ten years in the text business. What you get here is a text that shines, a text that sings. And where necessary, I get a second pair of eyes from my professional network to go over it again – because four eyes are always better than two.

Mail me and I will call you back immediately.