Content that exudes confidence is a complex amalgam of experience, a feel for language, and specialized knowledge.
All these aspects in the right measure result in communication with the added value that makes customers choose you. We know that every industry speaks its own language. Since 2009 we have translated, edited and proofread thousands of specialized texts. With continuing training our professionals actively maintain the in-depth knowledge that our clients count on. So you can rest assured that Valtrado speaks your language.

& Pharma

We are experts in translating and proof­reading brochures, news­letters, manuals, white papers, studies, application notes, jour­nal articles, and content for medical de­vice, laboratory equipment and pharmaceu­tical manu­facturers.

& IT

Our world is becoming increasingly “smart”: smart devices, smart apps, soft­ware as a service, the internet of things, and the hard­ware it all runs on: all of it has become hard-wired into our lives. That‘s what makes wor­king on content like marke­ting content, trai­ning materi­als, product videos and fact sheets for end customers and professional users so exciting.

Marketing & Communication

In close colla­boration with domestic and inter­national clients in the fields of adver­tising, PR, journalism, energy, tele­communi­cations, and many others, we produce trans­lations and develop texts for all internal and external communi­cation purposes.


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