2019 - one year as Local President of the JCI chapter Konstanz-Hegau

December 31, 2019, was a special day for me. It wasn’t just any New Year’s Eve; it was also the last day on the board of my local chapter of JCI. After a total of two very intense years (including as acting chairwoman for all of 2018) it was time to pass the torch to my successor and her deputy. Which I did with mixed feelings – I knew putting my duties behind me would leave a big hole in my life, but the admiration of my friends and colleagues, and the honor of being awarded the “Silberne Juniorennadel” went quite some ways towards filling that.

And I can certainly take pride in how much I learned from my experience on the board. I developed a lot of new skills and spent a lot of time outside the comfort zone of my “safe” freelance office space, meeting many like-minded young and driven independent businesspeople from all over the world. And that, in turn, taught me a lot about myself and helped me develop my own business style. In 2020, I will be continuing on the board of JCI for the state of Baden-Württemberg, but for now “only” as deputy leader for the political division. All this means one other thing that I’m pleased about: this year I’ll have more time for professional development!