Hello world!

A new website was something that had been on my mind for quite a while. I was actually still quite happy with the design, but the content was no longer really current, and I’ve realized my business has changed a lot since I first put the site up (in 2014!).

The topic came up in January when I was having coffee with my graphic designer, Christina Zwischenbrugger at instantidee. She was the one who designed my site originally, and has been keeping me “graphically” together ever since. It’s a partnership that has always been great, so I decided I’d just ask her  straight out: how about we make me a new website? Two hours later, we had the basic site structure down.

Today, you’re looking at the result, and I’m extremely happy with it. It really suits me a lot better – who I am now, and how much I’ve changed and grown with Valtrado over the five years since my first website. In that time, my twin specializations in translations from English (marketing and medical technology) have become increasingly focused. But I’ve also positioned myself in the German market for correction and editing of business communications.

So this is what I’m presenting on my new website today, more clearly and better-structured. And dare I say – a little more grown up.

Thanks as always to Christina, who did a fantastic job – again!

Neue Website von instantidee