Good to know for the Medical tech field

As the coronavirus sweeps the globe, raising tremendous challenges for every healthcare system in the world, the European standardization organisations (DIN and others) have decided to make standards for medical equipment available for free. These can be ordered and downloaded from the webshop at Beuth Publishing. And they’re available in German! Thrilling, right? Of course I jumped at the chance to take advantage of this one-time opportunity and headed straight to the webshop. Before I knew it I had 21 PDFs in my shopping cart. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, so I immediately started going through them. It’s so exciting!


You mean you don’t understand why I’m excited about going over 21 dry, technical, boring medical product texts?

Well, maybe to you, but for me each one is a real treasure trove of terminology, technical formulations, translated text passages, illustrations… everything I need for my work. Exactly what I’ve been waiting for to finally kick off a little project that’s been on my to do list for two years: creating my own corpus of texts in the medical tech field. What’s that, you ask? Watch this space! I’ll be explaining more about that as things develop.

Title photo by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash