“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary // so that the necessary may speak.”

Hans Hofmann

Of course, proofreading and editing is always part of the translation process. Good proofreading is not just about removing spelling and grammar mistakes, but also about fine-tuning style and flow. All our translations go through a proofreading round before they go out to the customer. This is how we guarantee that our clients' style requirements and wishes are complied with and implemented in the translation, no mistakes creep in, and no data entry errors happen.

Our eyes are keen, and we pay attention to every detail. And here, too, we rely on our software solutions to offer you the very highest level of quality.

Of course, we also offer proofreading of previous translations and editing of other text types. All we need is a little background information on the context, purpose and style of the text, and we're ready to go. We are proud to call correction of marketing materials, newsletters, user guides and other texts one of our specialities, although of course we can also handle any other type of text. Academic paper? Short story? It's no problem.




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